Full Body Massage Therapy

The full body massage’s main purpose is to free your body and in turn, you from the stress and pressures that your body might have experienced. This is highly recommended especially for those with chronic ligament and muscle pains. This clears the knots and tension in your body to better blood circulation and increase vitality, instantly relaxing your muscles to help you relax, uncoil and enjoy your life without aches.

Dear Reflexology is a Singapore Company at Bedok providing Pressure Point Finger, Hand, Foot, Head, Shoulder, Neck, Back, Hip, Arm, Knee, Ankle, Sole, Full Body Massage and Reflexology Services and Classes to relieve Rheumatic, Pain Numbness, Stiffness, Cramp and Improves Insomnia, Pyrexia, Blood Circulation. Health Benefits of Pressure Point Reflexology includes Prevents Illnesses and Eases Pain, Relieves Stress and Tension, Improves Blood Circulation Enhances Digestion.