Hand and Foot Reflexology

Just like how some people may feel gastric pain when they are stressed, certain emotions or tensed conditions will affect our physical body and result in psychosomatic pain. Targeting specific pressure points, this helps to improve your health by unclogging the pathways in your body. It aids in the condition of internal organs by regulating the ‘qi’ in your body and creating balance.

Dear Reflexology is a Singapore Company at Bedok providing Pressure Point Finger, Hand, Foot, Head, Shoulder, Neck, Back, Hip, Arm, Knee, Ankle, Sole, Full Body Massage and Reflexology Services and Classes to relieve Rheumatic, Pain Numbness, Stiffness, Cramp and Improves Insomnia, Pyrexia, Blood Circulation. Health Benefits of Pressure Point Reflexology includes Prevents Illnesses and Eases Pain, Relieves Stress and Tension, Improves Blood Circulation Enhances Digestion.